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Friends of Single People

Littlefield, Gowanus

Photo of New York City Comedy Show Friends of Single People

Friends of Single People is a live dating show hosted by Jo Firestone where notable and accomplished comedians represent single strangers in an otherwise classic dating game.

Interested in participating? If you're single and tired of all the horrific dating New York City has to offer, why not just put your love life in the hands of New York's best comedians. You'll be assigned a comedian who will talk to you for 10 minutes and try to answer questions on your behalf and find you a date, while you can sit comfortably and anonymously in the crowd. Arrive early to register. Open to all orientations.

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The Cheep Show

QED, Astoria

Photo of New York City Comedy Show The Cheep Show

The Cheep Show is a two-man show with stand up, improv and banjo. Levi Penley and Robert Price present some good old-fashioned fun and freestyle rap.

Levi and Robert live together, laugh together and love other people. Levi has been lauded for his work on stage in musicals and dramas. Robert has written plays that are confusing to his mother. Levi hails from Social Circle, Georgia, and Robert from Houston, Texas. When they aren't writing or watching comedy, Robert and Levi enjoy earning enough money to eat.

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Who Wants To Win A Bar Tab?

Kilo Bravo, Williamsburg

Photo of New York City Stand Up Comedy Show Who Wants To Win A Bar Tab

See a show a little like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? but different enough contestants will not know what to expect. This show is sponsored by Bud Light, so contestants will receive a free drink, and the winner will receive a bar tab prize. There will also be stand-up performances by Farah Brook (New York Times) and Ben Kronberg (Comedy Central Presents).

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