You actually might find a ramen shop on every corner in NYC. Whether it's served hot, cold, silky or spicy, if you're as big of a slurper of ramen as I am you're going to love each of these top picks for best ramen in NYC.

1. Ramen Setagaya

2. Kuu Ramen

20 John St, FiDi

Kuu Chilli | @kuuramen #amazing #tasting #ramen #kuuramen #naruto

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The best ramen spot in the financial district. Also, you must try their tuna tartar.

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3. Mu Ramen

2-09 Jackson Ave., Long Island City

Nothing like noodles. 🍜🍜🍜 📷: @Mu_Ramen #JacksonParkLIC

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Not to be confused with Kuu, Mu has the best beef-based broths you’ll ever find.

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4. Ichiran

5. Chuko

565 Vanderbilt Ave., Prospect Heights

Best ramen in BK? That'd be Chuko. A quick @uber_nyc from Manhattan, and a quick walk from @BarclaysCenter. #EEEEEATS

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This is the one to take your awkward vegan friend too. We also recommend their friend Brussels sprouts.

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6. Misoya

129 2nd Ave, East Village

スパイシーな日本ラーメン #ramen #卵 #spicy

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Miso centric ramen for lovers of spice.

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7. Mr. Taka Ramen

170 Allen St, Lower East Side

ありがと ございますMr. Taka 🙏🏻❤️#nyceats #ramen #japanesefood #foodies #soup

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Mrs. Taka is one lucky lady. He keeps this shop fresh with weekly menu specials, like Christmas only seafood ramen.

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8. Bassanova Ramen

76 Mott St, Chinatown

You must try their Green Curry Ramen.

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