Since everyone wants in on a secret, we have compiled a list of seven secret bars and lounges in New York City you can brag about to your friends today. 

Photo of Attaboy Bar
Photo: Cargo Collective

1. Attaboy

134 Elridge St, Lower East Side

Discover innovative, creative cocktails & classic concoctions mixed up in an industrial-style space a.k.a. Attaboy. Get inside by knocking or ringing the buzzer at Eldridge Street and wish they would have a spot for you. Tip: Look for the window marked with M&H Tailors and Alterations.

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Photo of The Garret Bar
Photo: The Garret

2. The Garret

296 Bleecker St, West Village

This handsome second-floor bar with exposed brick, serving cocktails & Five Guys burgers from downstairs. To enter into The Garret, walk beyond the signature white and red interiors of Five Guys, and find your way upstairs where you will find yourself in a loft-cum-sleek cocktail lounge.

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Photo of The Back Room
Photo: Chowhound

3. The Back Room

102 Norfolk St, Lower East Side

The Back Room is a hideaway with a Prohibition-esque vibe, offering cocktails in teacups and beer in paper bags. Descend the stairs of the Lower East Side Toy Company and follow through the back alley which will lead you then back up some stairs to the entrance.

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Photo of Sunshine Laundromat
Photo: Fun with Bonus

4. Sunshine Laundromat

860 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint

You might be lucky to find a couple arcade games at some laundromats that distract you while your clothes spin. At Sunshine Laundromat, you will find a pinball paradise. Pass through piles of laundry and wonky dryers to the back, where you’ll find what appears to be a stand-alone dryer; that’s your gateway to sonic heaven.

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Photo of PDT Please Don't Tell
Photo: Please Don't Tell

5. Please Don't Tell (PDT)

113 St. Marks Place, East Village

Formerly one of New York City's best-kept secrets, Please Don't Tell has become world-famous amidst the grungy hotdog spot it's caverning itself into. Enter through the wooden photo booth inside Crif Dogs and dial “1” once and a host will offer an estimated wait time for you. Rumor has it that you can try to make a reservation by calling at a specific time!

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Photo of Raines Law Room
Photo: Eater NY

6. The Raines Law Room

24 East 39th Street, Midtown

The Raines Law Room boasts about its semi-secret entrance (ring bell) that leads to its plush lounge crafting Prohibition-era cocktails. Descend the stairs at 48 West 17th St, press the buzzer, and realize why this is a semi-secret hole.

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Photo of Angel's Share
Photo: Timeout

7. Angel's Share

8 Stuyvesant St, East Village

One of the city's most popular secret bars, Angel's Share, has been harboring a secret of its own for the last year — another speakeasy down the street with a menu that has more classic cocktails. This one's easy - climb the stairs to Japanese restaurant Village Yokocho, and enter through the unmarked wooden door in the back left. You're welcome.

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